Respecting Differences/Anti-discrimination

A healthy workplace encourages difference and diversity.

2-Day Workshop

This two-day workshop will explore what is meant by “workplace diversity”, along with the advantages of a diverse work force. You will examine biases and discrimination and its toxic effects on individuals, different groups and the workplace. Together with other participants you will challenge these biases and identify what employees and management must contribute to ensure workplace equality for all.

Participants will share their own experience and combine their skills and knowledge in order to build a diverse and discrimination-free public service. A modified one-day version is available for organizations that are unable to schedule the two-day workshop.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshops are:

  • To explore how unconscious biases or assumptions impair our ability to work effectively with others and limit our lives;
  • To examine strategies ensuring an inclusive and discrimination-free workplace;
  • To practice skills to deal with the challenges of facing diversity in a reflective, responsible and proactive manner;
  • To seize opportunities to identify actions and recommendations for both individual and organizational implementation.

Target Audience

The audience for this workshop is Union members of the Core Public Administration and their supervisors and managers.