Facilitate a Workshop: The Requirements

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) is looking for potential facilitators who, on their application forms and in their interviews, demonstrate:

  • A commitment to positive joint labour-management relations and respect for the respective roles of Union and management in a unionized workplace;
  • A commitment to preparing and delivering a minimum of five workshops for the JLP in the 18 months following their orientation session;
  • Credibility with the Union and the Employer, both within the workplace and in the context of labour-management relations;
  • Experience or potential skill in co-facilitating experiential learning activities that are participatory and dialogue-based.

JLP realizes that your manager’s support will be very important in allowing you to meet your workshop delivery commitment.  Therefore, JLP asks for your manager’s name and contact information on the application form.  Your manager will be included at all stages of the application process, so you are encouraged to discuss the Program with your manager before you submit your application. 

You are also required to provide the name and contact information of someone who can confirm your credibility as either a Union or an Employer facilitator.  For Union facilitators, this will usually be an officer in the local or the component to which you belong.  For Employer facilitators, the support person may be your manager.

All potential JLP facilitators must demonstrate familiarity with the Joint Learning Program.  One way to demonstrate familiarity is to attend a JLP workshop.  You are encouraged to contact your Regional Field Coordinators to discuss how this could be arranged.

All potential facilitators must participate in a five-day facilitator orientation session.  Orientation sessions are scheduled across Canada throughout the year.  When JLP organizes an orientation session, it tries to ensure a balance of Union and Employer participants.  It also considers equity status, location, workshop interests and suitability, availability, and manager support in determining whether to invite you to a particular orientation session.  If you are screened in as a potential facilitator, you will be notified when a spot is available in an orientation session.