Governance Structure

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) is guided by a Joint Steering Committee that is co-chaired by a representative of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and a representative of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. The Joint Steering Committee is comprised of five senior representatives from the Union and five senior representatives from the Employer. Non-voting members representing the Union and the Employer are also part of the Joint Steering Committee.

Two Co-Directors have been appointed to coordinate the program, and a national JLP administrative office has been established. The office is located in the PSAC headquarters at 233 Gilmour and is staffed by PSAC and federal Public Service employees. Twelve regional coordinators (two coordinators for each region, one representing the union and the other one the employer) have been hired in the six following regions: Atlantic Region, Quebec Region, National Capital Region, Ontario and Nunavut Region, Prairies and Northwest Territories and British Columbia and Yukon Region.


Union RepresentativesEmployer Representatives
Sharon DeSousa
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Mireille Laroche
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Norma Domey
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
Kiran Hanspal
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Milton Dyck
Agriculture Union
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Holly Flowers Code
Canada Border Services Agency
Camille Awada
Canadian Association of Professional Employees
Guy Morissette
Correctional Service Canada
Mark Weber
Customs and Immigration Union
Public Service Alliance of Canada
National Joint Council Bargaining Agent Side Secretary
Andrea Dean