Labour–Management Consultation

Learn the keys to union-management relations.

2-Day Workshop

Are you a member of your Labour-Management Consultation Committee (LMCC)? This two-day workshop is for LMCC members who want to be on the leading edge of the transformation and modernization of labour-management relations in the federal public service. Deepen your understanding of meaningful and effective consultation and the roles and responsibilities of LMCC members. You will review tools and procedures to fulfill the mandate of the committee and work with other participants to create a vision for the future and a plan for its implementation.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshops are

  • To provide an opportunity for the parties to critically analyze the existing labour-management relationship
  • To agree on where it needs to go
  • To determine how it can be constructively managed
  • To clarify (and build mutual respect for) common and divergent interests
  • To explore issues of trust and risk taking associated with working collaboratively
  • To improve the knowledge and skills for working jointly
  • To develop core principles and guidelines for the working relationship
  • To produce working tools to guide consultative processes and practices

Target Audience

All union and management representatives of all labour-management consultation committees should participate in joint learning on labour-management consultation.