Tips to Complete the Workshop Request Form

The notes below will assist you in completing the request form.

Proposed location

Please identify where you expect to hold the workshop. The location may be in-house or in an external meeting room. Please note that if your workshop request and budget are approved, you must provide a confirmed location so that the Joint Learning Program (JLP) can ship supplies to you. 


Please provide the city where you expect the event to be held.


When you select your province, the Region field will be pre-filled (unless you are in Ontario or Quebec).


For most provinces, you will not need to select the region as it will be identified based on the province you select. If you are in Quebec, please choose Ottawa/Gatineau or Quebec as your region. If you are in Ontario, please choose either Ottawa/Gatineau or Ontario/Nunavut as your region. 


Select one of the topics currently addressed by the JLP. For more information on each topic, please see a list of workshops and their descriptions of the website. 


There are recommended lengths for each workshop. Please read the notes below and select the appropriate length.

Duty to Accommodate: One day or one and a half day

There are two options for this workshop. It can be delivered in one day as an introduction to workplace accommodation covering the basics of the duty to accommodate. It can also be delivered in a day and a half providing participants with the opportunity to further apply their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the concepts that have been introduced in Day 1.

Employment Equity: One day

Labour-Management Consultation: Two days

This workshop has been designed to foster positve working relationships between Union and management members of Labour-Management Consultation Committees. This is a two-day workshop.

Mental Health in the Workplace: One or two days

While this workshop can be delivered in a one-day format, it is suggested to consider offering the full two-day workshop as it was originally designed. The two-day format provides for additional analysis of the myths and misconceptions about mental health problems. It reviews the legal requirements and the roles and responsibilities in ensuring healthy workplaces as well as covering compelling reasons for ensuring psychological health and safety in the workplace. The extra day also allows participants to reflect and engage more deeply on the topic of mental health and to work together towards in creating inclusive workplaces that are psychologically healthy and safe.

Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace: One day

Respecting Differences / Anti-Discrimination: Two days

This workshop was designed to take place over two days. While you can choose a one-day workshop, it is strongly recommended that you offer the two-day workshop. The extra day allows participants to engage more deeply in the issues of discrimination and it allows time for participants to work together to develop strategies that can be applied in creating a diverse workplace.

Understanding the Collective Agreement: One day

Department / Agency

Since 2011, all Union members within the Core Public Administration are eligible to participate in the JLP. If your organization is not listed on the drop-down list, it may be that we have omitted it by mistake; however, it may also be that your organization is not eligible for the JLP. In order to complete the request, select ‘***Not Listed***’ and the JLP Regional Field Coordinators will follow up with you when they review your request. 

Are you are hosting this workshop in partnership with another department?

Select 'Yes' If more than one department is requesting this workshop. After you submit the request, a list of departments will appear. Click the checkbox in front of each department with which you will be sharing the workshop.

Union and Employer representatives who have initiated and authorized this workshop

The names you list here may be those who:

  • Promote the idea of the workshop in your workplace;
  • Can authorize a workshop to take place in your department or organization.

Two names are required so that both the Union and the Employer are represented.

Union and Employer representatives who will be organizing this workshop

Two names are required so that both the Union and the Employer are represented.

The names given in that section should be the names of those that will be responsible for organizing the workshop. They will be the first point of contact for the event. A detailed list of the organizer’s responsibilities can be found on the JLP website under The Requirements section of becoming an organizer.


Please provide three potential dates for the workshop. List the dates in order of preference. You may either enter the dates manually or select the dates by clicking on the calendar.

Please note that a minimum of six weeks’ advance notice is required for all workshops except Labour-Management Consultation, which requires eight weeks’ advance notice.

How did you hear about the JLP?

Please help JLP to improve its promotion efforts by letting it know how you first learned about the JLP.

Submitting your Request

All mandatory fields must be completed in order for your request to be submitted to the Regional Field Coordinators in your region. Please read all error messages and complete the form as required.

After your request has been successfully submitted, it will be assigned a confirmation number. This number will be required to log in to the Organizers’ section of the website