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Joint Learning Program Strategic Partnerships

One of the guiding principles of the Joint Learning Program (JLP) is to ensure that all eligible departments and their respective Union members have access to JLP workshops and that the Program’s resources are distributed equitably. However, departments are increasingly turning to the JLP to help them meet organizational or learning objectives which require the delivery of several workshops and in some cases, to all of their employees across the country or in a given region. In order to meet this demand while still ensuring that other departments continue to have access to the Program’s resources, the JLP has entered into partnerships through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with certain departments.

While each partnership is unique and adapted to the needs of the individual partners involved there are common elements which are included in all MOU’s. The following questions and answers should help to better understand the principles of these strategic partnerships and serve as a guide for those who wish to explore this as an option to meet workplace objectives and improve labour relations in the workplace.