December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the staff at the Joint Learning Program!


10 Years of Contribution to the Joint Learning Program
The Joint Learning Program (JLP) recently launched an initiative to recognize the people behind the JLP’s success who have been working with the Program since it started in 2002. The first recipients were recognized on October 29 on the occasion of the celebrations marking the 500th workshop in the Quebec Region. Since then, three other individuals have also received a token of appreciation.

On December 11, Manon Bouchard and Carolle Lajoie, regional coordinators for the Quebec Region, visited Edmond Maltais at his office to present him with a gift in recognition of his contribution as facilitator. Edmond’s colleagues and manager, Josée Fontaine, were on hand for the presentation.

Carolle Lajoie, Edmond Maltais and Manon Bouchard

On December 13, Linda Iezzi and Alex Roussakis, regional coordinators for the National Capital Region, recognized Céline Préfontaine for her 10 years of work as JLP facilitator, regional coordinator and kit writer.

Also on December 13, Catherine Gilbert and Denis Trottier, JLP co directors, thankedBrenda Frieday for her work at the national office since 2002. As Finance Officer, Ms. Frieday supports the members of the JLP community. She was also recognized on December 4, as part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s Founder’s Day, for her 30 years of service with the organization.


New Version of Union-Management Consultation Kit
The Joint Learning Program (JLP) is pleased to inform you that its Union-Management Consultation kit has been updated. The entire kit was reviewed, streamlined and updated to reflect the most recent changes and topics of interest for consultation in the public service.

The new kit was used for the first time at a session in the British Columbia and Yukon Region on October 25.


Renewal of Memorandum of Understanding with Correctional Service Canada
The Joint Learning Program (JLP) recently renewed its agreement with Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and the Union of Solicitor General Employees.

The purpose of this agreement is to provide CSC employees with a positive, healthy and respectful workplace. The parties agreed to continue the delivery of the JLP’s workshop on creating a harassment-free workplace to all CSC employees and managers. The agreement covers the 2013–14 fiscal year.

Strategic partnerships allow departments to benefit from JLP expertise and material in order to offer important training to many of their employees. Strategic partnerships are still active today in the areas of employment equity, workplace diversity, union-management consultation, and harassment prevention and resolution. For more information, contact the regional coordinators for the JLP in your region.


British Columbia and Prairies Region Welcomes New Facilitators from Correctional Service Canada
Joint Learning Program (JLP) recently gave an orientation session to 16 employees from Correctional Service Canada (CSC), British Columbia and Prairies Region, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The purpose of the session, which ran from November 25 to 29, was to train these employees to serve as facilitators under the memorandum of understanding between the JLP, CSC and the Union of Solicitor General Employees.

These new facilitators are Cassie Calliou, Elizabeth Drocholl, Anna Elias, Jill Hubbard, Robert Jackson, Shelley Kozicki, Julie Leclair, Lauretta MacCarron, CaraLynn Morris, Faron Murray, Janice Pelletier, Elmer Regnim, Londea Riffel, Jeff Sandelli, Gerard Tetzlaff and J'Anne Ward.

The topic was Creating a Harassment-free Workplace, and the facilitators were Rachel Besharah and Marcia Vergara, program officers with the JLP.

The participants


Public Service Alliance of Canada Equity National Conference
Romeo Jackson and Karen Alexander, Regional Coordinators for the Joint Learning Program (JLP), Ontario and Eastern Arctic Region, along with Susan Giampietri, former JLP Facilitator, attended Public Service Alliance of Canada Equity National Conference. More than 600 delegates participated in the conference, which took place in Toronto from November 25 to 29. Still active facilitators, as well as organizers and workshop participants from across the country visited the JLP’s conference booth.

Susan Giampettri et Karen Alexander