The JLP Welcomes New Facilitators

The Ontario/Nunavut Region hosted an orientation session for new facilitators in Kitchener, Ontario, from June 5 to 9, 2017. The session was facilitated by the JLP Program Officers, Patrick Dorval (Employer) and Rachel Besharah (Union). The participants were introduced to the Creating a Harassment-Free, Duty to Accommodate and Respecting Differences/Anti-Discrimination workshop kits.

Participants were thrilled to have taken part in the orientation session. Amanda Turcotte shared what a great week it was for her. “I built skills and relationships that I will have for my entire career”. D’Arcy Gauthier agreed. “What an amazing experience! This has been an eye-opening workshop and I feel ready to co-facilitate in the future”.

Teresa Morgan and Ryan Winger (Regional Field Coordinators) have welcomed a group of 18 facilitators.  These new facilitators are now part of the JLP: Herb Alfaro, Frances Baroutoglou, Chris Cooper-Parkinson, Gary Corsi, Anu Datta, D’Arcy Gauthier, Simon-Pierre Haddad, Erika Hamilton, Andrew Kicks, Jennifer Lynn, Tina MacLeod, Gord Mitchell, Sara Prang, Beverley Sedore, Marnie Spear, Laurie Swinarton, Helen-Claire Tingling, Amanda Turcotte.

The group is holding an Invitcus Games flag -

Canada is the host nation for the 3rd Invictus Games being held in Toronto on September 23-30, and is allowed 90 participants.  The Organizing Committee decided to create 90 flags with the intent to ask Canadians to sign the flag to show their support to our Veterans and then to present one flag to each Canadian participant.  One of our participants, Chris Cooper-Parkinson, is the Working Group Chairperson for these games, and has been entrusted with a number of flags.  He brought one to the Orientation, and each participant was able to sign it.