10th Anniversary Tour

On November 21st, the Ontario and Nunavut Regional Field Coordinators, Teresa Morgan and Stephen Colley set out to begin a celebratory tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Joint Learning Program. The purpose of the tour was to meet with and recognize the dedicated facilitators that have achieved milestones within the JLP.

In Chatham, an award was presented to Romeo Jackson for 10 years of JLP facilitation. The JLP is very grateful to Romeo for his passionate contributions as both facilitator and JLP Regional Field Coordinator in the Ontario-NT Region. JLP facilitators, Heather Cruickshank, Matt Gagner, and Brenda MacKinnon were also in attendance for the celebration.

(Matt Ganger, Heather Cruickshank, Teresa Morgan, Romeo Jackson, Brenda MacKinnon, Stephen Colley)

The tour travelled west to Toronto on November 22nd. Catherine Stubley was recognized for delivering 50 workshops, Gaylene Higgs for 10 years of JLP facilitation, and both Ryan Winger and Jessie Bartman for five workshops in 18 months. Ryan was also in the role of Regional Field Coordinator (Union) for almost two years. Also in attendance were facilitators Andrea Grant, Paul Samson and Paul's manager Cynthia Burns.

(Teresa Morgan, Catherine Stubley, Stephen Colley)

(Ryan Winger, Jesslyn Bartman, Stephen Colley, Paul Samson, Teresa Morgan, Andrea Grant, Gaylene Higgs)

Then on November 23, the tour moved to Niagara Falls were Tamara Lopez was recognized for co-facilitating 50 workshops. Tamara’s manager Marko Stergulc as well as facilitators Joe Ryan, and Alpar Molnar were in attendance.

(Teresa Morgan, Joe Ryan, Tamara Lopez, Stephen Colley, Marko Stergulc)

Finally, on November 28th the tour ended in Kingston where Karen Page received an award for 10 years of JLP facilitation. The other facilitators in attendance were Christina McLeod, Lynne Dufresne, Lynne’s manager Wayne Buller, Sarah Szmidt, and Sarah’s manager Janice Saunders.

(Karen Page, Teresa Morgan, Christina McLeod, Lynn Dufresne, Janice Saunders, Sarah Szmidt, Stephen Colley, Wayne Buller)

The JLP is grateful to all facilitators, their managers, and workshop organizers for their support over the past 10 years. We are looking forward to another 10 years and beyond!