The JLP welcomes new Francophone facilitators to the program

With the arrival of the summer season, the JLP welcomes 13 Francophone facilitators! This group of motivated and engaged federal public service employees from the Québec, Atlantic, Prairies-Northwest Territories and National Capital Regions participated in the five-day JLP Facilitator Orientation Session from June 13 to 23, 2022.

Participants drew from their own experience about adult learning to discuss, exchange, learn and grow together. The group practiced their new skills on Day 4, where they co-facilitated an activity from the JLP discussion session Anti-Racism: Let’s Talk!

One participant, Yvan Fortin of Service Canada, shared these words about his experience:

The orientation was so rewarding, and I learned so much about anti-racism, the quality of colleagues and about myself. A big thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Another participant, Antoine Bourdages of Public Safety Canada, said the orientation was:

An adventure of discovery that does not leave one indifferent, an opportunity to learn about myself too!
Thank you!

And Philippe Amoussou of Service Canada said it was:

An exceptional learning experience in the field of learning.

The closing ceremonies included a sharing circle whereby each participant highlighted a gift of feedback they received from another during the session. Participants left the session with their cups filled with gifts of feedback. The JLP Co-Directors and Regional Field Coordinators representing the three regions were guests of the graduation ceremony.

The session was moderated by the Program Delivery Administrator, Désirée Yaxley and facilitated by long-time Québec regional JLP facilitator Monique Bernier, now retired, and the JLP employer Program Officer Nathalie Duquette.

Les facilitatrices et facilitateurs

Top Row (L to R): Monique Bernier, Nathalie Duquette, Vicky Guillemette, Simon Renaud
2nd Row: Antoine Bourdages, Guy Kamgaing, Philippe Amoussou, Sylvain Desjardins
3rd Row: Nancy Boudreau, Yvan Fortin, Arnaud Schreyer, Lynne Rossignol
4th Row: Graziella Matteau, Kevin Piton
Other participant: Kettly Guerrier