The JLP launches Labour-Management Consultation: Let’s Talk!

The JLP launches the sixth in its Empowering Conversations discussion series: Labour-Management Consultation: Let’s Talk!

Are you looking to build bridges on your Labour-Management Consultation Committee? If so, this discussion is for you. It was developed to provide an orientation to members of labour-management consultation committees across the federal public service with all new material and exciting new activities.

The JLP is proud to offer its latest discussion Labour-Management Consultation: Let’s Talk! This 6.5 to 7 hour discussion will support labour-management consultation, improve labour relations and strengthen the parties’ capacity to positively shape a changing workplace.

By the end of this discussion, participants will

  • Reviewed objectives of labour-management consultation
  • Gained a better understanding of the terms of reference, scope and structure of labour-management consultation
  • Identified ways of building trust between parties
  • Developed strategies to respond to issues that could arise during labour-management consultation
  • Identified how to prepare for and participate in labour-management consultation activities.

This Empowering Conversation is designed for intact labour-management committees to be held via videoconference.

To host a facilitated discussion from the Empowering Conversations series, please submit a request on the JLP website or contact your local Regional Field Coordinators for more information.