The JLP marks Black History Month

The month of February is Black History Month in Canada and internationally. Black History Month was created to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Black people throughout history, contributions often overlooked or misattributed due to a lack of information and other forms of systemic racism.A quote from the Honourable Jean Augustine which reads, "Black history is not just for black people. Black history is Canadian history."

February is a time to learn about and reflect on the history and lived experiences of Black Canadians. Black Canadians have contributed to shaping Canada’s heritage and identity dating back to the 1600s.  The role of Black Canadians and their communities has largely been ignored as a fundamental part of Canada’s history. Celebrate Black History Month by learning about Black Canadians in history or in the present day. Discover works by Black authors, artists, performers, inventors, scholars, activists, and philosophers. 

Despite renewed focus on anti-racism training and Black activism all over the world, the Public Service Employee Survey indicates that the percentage of public-service employees who experience discrimination in the workplace based on race or colour has risen over the last three years.A qupote from Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, which reads, "Privilege isn’t about what you’ve gone through; it’s about what you haven’t had to go through. And right now, we are in a time that is calling on us to learn the stories that we don’t know."

Black and other racialized public-service employees interested in advancing their careers through learning facilitation and leadership skills might consider applying to become a JLP facilitator. The JLP is actively seeking new facilitators who identify as a member of all equity groups in the interest of offering a facilitator pool which reflects our diverse country.

The JLP is proud to play a part in promoting workplaces that are inclusive, diverse, and free of harassment and discrimination. Read more about all our workshops and guided discussions.