A new cohort of facilitators in Québec

The JLP Quebec region Orientation Session which took place from May 29 to June 2 in Montréal saw several JLP firsts. It was a first orientation session for the region’s new Regional Field Coordinator (RFC), Michèle Parent. As well, it was the first time a Program Officer has delivered the session on crutches! 

This week has shone a spotlight on this group’s generosity, qualities, potential, skills and knowledge. This was an exceptional group experience! Thank you so much!

-        Marie-Chantal Rouleau, CFIA-ACIA (union)

The session’s learning activities for the future facilitators were based on the JLP’s experiential approach. These activities honed the participants’ facilitation and communication skills using the material from three JLP workshops, namely Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace, Understanding the Collective Agreement, and Respecting Differences / Anti-Discrimination.

I wish every civil servant could take a JLP facilitation workshop! It will teach you to master so many situations from beginning to end.

-        Sabin Potvin, ESDC-EDSC (employer)

Feedback from participants highlighted the opportunity for growth and learning the Orientation Session offers its participants as well as their excitement in meeting colleagues who are also committed to improving their workplace.

I had a great week! Our experienced RFCs and facilitators (Nathalie and Catherine) not only looked after us, they gave us the tools to really move forward!


The JLP is delighted to welcome the new facilitators to the Program!

A group photo of participants

Front Row (Left to right):

Andrée Damphousse, Melissa Bouchard

Middle Row (Left to right):

Catherine Lapierre-Ouellet Program Officer (union), Tanyu Ngala, Karine Coutu, Anick Paquin, Marie Chantal Rouleau, Josée Mongeau, Cintia Zelaya, Nadege Joissaint

Back Row (Left to right):

Michèle Parent, Alain Testulat, Pierre Milette, Éric Choquette, Jeffrey Jahchan, Sabin Potvin, Nadia Létourneau, Louis-Philippe Girard, Joseph Tarabulsy, Marianne Labrie

Not pictured: Nathalie Duquette