Ontario-Nunavut at the National Managers’ Community Toronto event

The Regional Field Coordinators (RFC) of the Ontario-Nunavut region were delighted to host a kiosk at the National Managers’ Circle event in Toronto on May 1, 2024. The event gave them an opportunity to meet participants from employer-related groups that were attending, as well as attendees from the Federal Youth Network and the Future Leaders of Ontario.

Two people sit at a JLP kiosk, speaking with attendeesThe RFCs, Anu Datta (employer) and Aaron MacGregor (union) spoke with many participants who weren’t familiar with the JLP. “This event allowed us an opportunity to connect with departments and agencies we have not received any requests from in the past. We also had a lot of fans of the JLP come to the table and tell us how they enjoyed participating in sessions in the past,” says Anu.

The delighted organizer described the kiosk as “the most popular table at the event” and Anu and Aaron were constantly occupied talking to the dozens of participants who dropped by. The RFCs are delighted at the event’s success and are hopeful their presence will bear fruit in terms of booking and facilitator recruitment.