October 29, 2010

Orientation Session for Facilitators in Montreal

Quebec and the National Capital Regions welcomed recently 18 new facilitators.Claudia Amada, Lise Carle, Nancy Deslauriers, Hélène Dupéré, Toufic El-Daher, Denis Galarneau, Marie-Hélène Gauthier Marie Girard, Danielle Hetu, Chih Min Hu, Natasha Jobin, Robert Ian MacQueen, Gilbert Ouellet, Amélie Pinard andJean Pierre Poggi joined the team of facilitators from the region of Quebec, whileJean-Pierre de Beaumont, Anne-Marie Boutin and Jean-Pierre Ouellet will act as facilitator in the National Capital Region.

Participants to the session

Organisers took the opportunity to highlight the 1,000th workshop when particpants received a special pin and they were offered a piece of cake.

The session was held in Montreal from 18 to 22 October 2010. Roger Vaillancourt, Marcia Vergara and Monique Bernier acted as facilitators.