JLP facilitators are at the heart of the success of the Joint Learning Program

At the recent BC-YT orientation session, Regional Field Coordinators (RFC) Karla Backer and Aaron Billesberger took the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of some of the dedicated facilitators who have reached important milestones with the Program. This event also provided the orientation participants with an opportunity to meet these facilitators and hear about their experiences with the JLP and the important role the Program plays in the Federal Public Service.

Karla and Aaron recognized Julie Balantes for her 10 years with the Joint Learning Program. The JLP is grateful to Julie for her wonderful contribution as both Facilitator and JLP Regional Field Coordinator (Employer) in the BC-YT Region. On two separate occasions Julie took on the role of RFC. During her 10 years with the Program, Julie facilitated over 50 workshops. Thank you and congratulations Julie!

Aaron Billesberger and Karla Backer with Julie Balantes

The recognized facilitators included the following:

Court Overgaauw – 5 Workshops Facilitated in 18 months


Megan Watts – 5 Workshops Facilitated in 18 months

Amy Gelin – 5 Workshops Facilitated in 18 months

Nancy Turcotte - 5 Workshops Facilitated in 18 months