Sample Memorandum of Understanding

This is an example only.  Every strategic partnership is unique and the contents of each Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) should clearly reflect what has been agreed to between the parties as referenced in section 4.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between

the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Joint Learning Program (JLP) and

(insert departmental name and further organizational elements as applicable)


(insert the name of the bargaining agent (s))

Covering the period from ______  to ________

The objective(s) is/are (The department in collaboration with their Union partner need to define what the purpose of delivering these workshops is?  e.g. to provide employees with a positive, healthy and respectful workplace; or to meet organizational and workplace objectives to improve labour relations and to understand the roles of the union and the employer in the workplace etc.)

In order to support this/these objective(s) the parties agree to deliver (insert the name  of the JLP workshop(s)) to … (insert who will be covered by the MOU … employees and their supervisors/managers in what locations).

The Joint Learning Program agrees to:

  1. Provide (insert department name) with workshop materials including .......
  2. Provide JLP facilitators when departmental facilitators are not available;
  3. Fund and train (insert number of Union/Employer departmental facilitators) to develop a pool of facilitators within the department who will subsequently deliver the above-mentioned JLP workshops;
  4. Cover the costs of establishing and replensihing “tickle trunk” supplies as per JLP guidelines.

The  (insert name of department) agrees to :

  1. Respect the integrity of the JLP, its experiential learning approach, methodology, curriculum and established timeframes for each workshop;
  2. Respect the joint nature of the JLP in that workshops will be co-organized and co-delivered by a Union facilitator and an Employer facilitator to a joint audience of managers and employees;
  3. Co-organize and administer the workshops in collaboration with the Union partners (insert any agreed upon logistical details i.e. scheduling workshops, providing training space, photocopies of workshop material, training aids such as flipcharts and markers etc.
  4. Include a statement as to whether or not departmental facilitators will also be made available to facilitate workshops in other departments subject to operational requirements and their manager’s approval.
  5. Put in place a joint governance structure to coordinate, monitor and assess the implementation of the MOU;
  6. Use the JLP evaluation tools to obtain participant feedback;
  7. Provide the JLP with periodic updates during the period covered by the MOU and a short written report summarizing results at the conclusion of the MOU.

This agreement may be amended at any time with the mutual consent of the parties.

JLP Co-Director Signatures

Union Signatures

Departmental Signatures

Date ____________