July 11, 2013

Joint Learning Program Facilitators’ Survey
The Joint Learning Program (JLP) has now completed its analysis of the results of the Facilitator Survey (FS). The FS was conducted in April and May and was sent to 679 people who are actively facilitating for the JLP. 64 people responded to the survey.

The key results showed that the JLP facilitators are very committed and are willing to get more involved. To do this, the support of their manager is essential. The managers require a greater knowledge of the JLP. It would probably help the managers to give the facilitators the support they need.

Awareness of the JLP in the workplace could be increased and 56 % of respondants believe that the promotion is good or adequate. Respondants suggested that future promotional efforts should be aimed at colleagues. Although the availability of electronic tools that are used should not be the primary methods of promotion. A preferred method is face to face promotion.