World Mental Health Day is October 10

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. The pandemic has touched every federal public-service employee in one way or another. For many, work and home lives have been changed, if not forever, then for the foreseeable future.Smooth, round rocks balanced carefully on top of each other

It has also affected employee’s mental health and the mental health of families and friends. In addition, it can remain difficult to talk mental health with colleagues due to the stigma that still surrounds the subject. Yet the crisis is still real and still happening. As the pandemic continues, making it through soundly has proven to be a marathon, not a sprint. Long-term instability and fear continue to create challenges for many.

The JLP recently launched the latest in the Empowering Conversations series, Mental Health: Let’s Talk! This guided discussion creates space to discuss mental health in the workplace during challenging times and to identify strategies to support workplace psychological health and safety. All the Empowering Conversations are designed to be delivered virtually, whether online or by phone.

The JLP also recognizes the tireless work of unions to enshrine mental health in the workplace in the collective agreements of federal public-service employees across the nation and the employer’s commitment to prioritizing their employee’s mental health.




Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash