The Atlantic Region welcomes a new facilitator cohort

Regional Field Coordinators Cassandra Grosse (union) and Marc Diotte (employer) hosted a cohesive, respectful and fun-loving group of participants at the latest Facilitator Orientation Session in Halifax from April 22 to 26.

Program Officers Nathalie Duquette and Kole Kilibarda led the newly minted JLP facilitators through material from three JLP workshops, namely Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace, Understanding the Collective Agreement, and Respecting Differences / Anti-Discrimination. The learning activities for future facilitators were based on the JLP’s experiential approach and improved participants’ facilitation and communication skills.

An enthusiastic group poses for the camera

Front Row (left to right): Michelle Hynes, Sarah Gagné, Cassandra Grosse, Tanya Mullen, Michelle Palansky, Brittany Dean, Candace Smith, Pamela Thorne, Jody LaPierre, Mark Driscoll, Sara Carter, Nathalie Duquette.

Back Row (left to right): Kole Kilibarda, Travis Larkham, Mariah Hallihan, Maria Bishop, Melissa Martin, Jalana Morton, Nicole Brown, Noella Brideau, Rick Gabbey, Marc Diotte.

The participants’ enthusiasm for the week-long session and the JLP itself were reflected in their enthusiastic evaluations at the end of their orientation.

Melissa Martin, a CBSA facilitator representing the employer, wrote, “This is BY FAR the best training I have ever received in (the) federal government. The facilitators were exceptional, the (facilitation) kit is beyond well laid out – I truly feel this week did everything possible to set us up for success.”

Union facilitator Mariah Hallihan of the RCMP enthused, “JLP has been an amazing experience. Seeing the value these workshops have in the workplace and how it improves those labour/management relations to succeed and grow.”

The JLP is delighted to welcomes its newest facilitator cohort to the Program!